hysterical state

See: outburst
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He was in a hysterical state and almost anything was enough to make him cry.
She was still in an excited, hysterical state, laughing convulsively at nothing and everything.
The young person carved a fowl with the utmost delicacy, and asked so distinctly for egg-sauce, that poor Briggs, before whom that delicious condiment was placed, started, made a great clattering with the ladle, and once more fell back in the most gushing hysterical state.
My face was covered in blood and I was screaming in a hysterical state.
Mr Watson said Cuddy's threats to police were "probably empty", but added: "He was clearly in a deranged and hysterical state.
Watson added that Cuddy's threats to the police were "probably empty" but he also said that "He was clearly in a deranged and hysterical state.
TAP) - The investigating judge ordered, on Saturday at a late hour, to transfer Mohammed Anwar Bayoudh to the psychiatry service at the military hospital after he went into a hysterical state after learning about the death of his father, the late doctor Colonel Major Fathi Bayoudh who was killed in Istanbul terrorist attack (June 28, 2016), Sofiene Selliti, Spokesman for the Public Prosecutor at the Court of First Instance in Tunis told TAP on Sunday.
Officers said they found the babysitter in a hysterical state and brandishing a cleaver.
In a Facebook post, an Egyptian woman diagnosed with breast cancer described the hysterical state her son was in since seeing the ad, and imagined himself in the other boy's position.
The jury in New York was told Goldman Sachs banker Jason Lee forced himself on the 20-year-old leaving her in a hysterical state.
Following the collision the court also heard McDonnell - who was driving wearing slippers - ran into the Star Inn, next to the collision site, in a hysterical state.
Our daughter was in a hysterical state after hearing the news.