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Nicole started to cry hysterically before she looked up at the screen.
I thought it was hysterically funny - the operative phrase being "hysterically".
In the footage, one of the men, who were travelling in a canoe at the time, can be heard reacting hysterically after the crocs leapt out from under the water.
Mark Little @ Glee Club, Cardiff (Tuesday)[bar] HIS hysterically funny Defending the Caveman show has been seen by more than five million people in different productions all over the world since it opened in 1995, made in excess of $100m at the box office Stateside and also won the Olivier Award during its London run before undergoing several sell-out UK tours.
She was at the edge of the road, at the junction with Green Lane and was screaming hysterically.
DAMASCUS, (SANA)- A military source on Sunday declared the authorities will prevent the armed terrorist groups from continuing their criminal aggressions against the army and law enforcement forces and citizens which hysterically escalated since announcing the halt of military operations last Thursday morning.
His mother hurried to him to ask why he was behaving weirdly, but he began crying hysterically.
She laughs hysterically when recalling the hair styles she's given throughout the years -- the Dorothy Hamill wedge, the Afro perm, the Janis Joplin.
What results is not so much the dispelling of illusion through an assertion of the image's flatness as the creation of a space that might be called hysterically impenetrable--one that simultaneously invites and rejects our ability to experience it as "real.
Unfair & Unbalanced spares no effort to be hysterically funny, perhaps at the price of good taste but what is that, really?
I happened to be reading it on the treadmill at the health club and was laughing hysterically, out loud.
Augusten Burroughs burst onto the literary scene in 2002 with his best-selling memoir Running With Scissors, which hysterically chronicled his unusual upbringing (his mom basically gave him away to be raised by her wacky psychiatrist).