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The paper-thin basis on which Apple, Bush, and Frost are proposed as adjacent to Charcot's hysterics in demonstrating ecstatic and agonistic tropes of the feminine is structurally similar to the nonsensical heterogenous assortment of conditions "collaged" together to formulate hysteria as a diagnosis during the nineteenth century.
Hustvedt analyzes the pros and cons of using photography in this context, explaining that while the photographs were intended to illustrate specific neurological symptoms, they "also inevitably depict the girl," which "compromis[es] their status as medical illustration" (146); she questions, too, how, in the middle of an attack, a hysteric could be transported to a studio, not to mention held still while movie-staresque pictures were taken.
Like many of the Salpetriere hysterics, she seemed to combine an air of innocence with one of sexual knowingness--what Arthur Symons called (in his poem "La Melinite: Moulin Rouge," about the dancer Jane Avril, who as it happens also spent time in Salpetriere) a "depraved virginity.
If he's concerned with how ideological bias distorts news coverage, analyzing Fox News' coverage of the Terri Schiavo affair, and particularly Sean Hannity's incessant peddling of misinformation and hysterics show The Big Idea With Donny Deutsch for maximum publicity, going on The Rush Limbaugh Show and The O'Reilly Factor with tales of a horrifying "ambush" by liberals who will "stab you in the back.
I was once on the receiving end of Larry's hysterics.
THERE comes a melancholy moment in the Simon Callow directed tribute to Tommy Cooper when pathos infuses the hysterics engendered by Jerome Flynn's uncanny take on the madcap comic.
As you can imagine, there was a lot of groaning and booing in the audience during the debate, but I think when the encounter is aired on C-SPAN, objective viewers will find that the hyperbole and hysterics if her doll exhibits this behavior).
I called my brother, and after I listened to his hysterics, he agreed to come and rescue me.
Looking like she'd just heard about the death of a close family friend, Tania stalked into the girl's room and immediately went into a fit of hysterics declaring that she wanted to get out of the house.
The sight of ourselves, cigarettes dangling from our lips, trying to hall a cab in a residential San Francisco neighborhood, was enough to reduce us to hysterics.
They swamp my mailbox in a furious wave, warning about asbestos in tampons or legislative threats to public radio, then disappear as abruptly as they arrived, only to revive width renewed fury weeks later when some hapless office drone returns from vacation, checks his mail, and reignites the electronic hysterics all over again.
Although almost all of the African American characters in this novel can be read as hysterics, Beloved, Sethe's daughter, is linked most closely to hysteria as both a hysterical subject and a hysterical symptom.