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BEACON. A signal erected as a sea mark for the use of mariners; also, to give warning of the approach of an enemy. 1 Com. Dig. 259; 5 Com. Dig. 173.

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e National Slate Museum Llanberis will be the rst national museum in the world to trial a Culture and Heritage Apple iBeacon app, enabling visitors to the site to discover more about the collections on their mobile devices as they visit over the summer via the 25 iBeacons around the site.
Adding iBeacon means customers will have quick access to their individual Balance Rewards loyalty program bar code, a paperless coupons scorecard indicating the specific number clipped and the savings associated with each, a floor map displaying a bird's-eye view of the store location, a product locator, plus scanner options that allow for instant product scans revealing detailed item information.
Amazingly, iBeacon is already avail- able on almost 200 million iOS devices as it came built-in as part of iOS 7.
iBeacon app for exhibitions and events: This app can be used to facilitate a personalized visitor experience my pushing information relevant to the visitor's interest to their device.
More directly tied to CRM applications, InMarket is looking to deepen the Apple Watch's integration with iBeacon and is developing an app that will enable the watch to work directly with its shopping app, List Ease.
With this acquisition Lanyon's global customers will now have access to an enhanced event experience with mobile innovations such as multi-event apps, iBeacon, gamification, interactive maps, and social media walls, which are all designed to enable the next generation of attendee engagement.
The newest development is actually happening on Monday, when the National Slate Museum Llanberis will be the first national museum in the world to trial a Culture and Heritage iBeacon app.
Four things are key to Apple's inevitable success in the field - easy, wide-reaching, safe and secure mobile payment facility which is made possible by the rollout of these three-combo technologies: Touch ID fingerprint sensor, iBeacon and near-field communication or NFC.
Tarrytown Pharmacy, located here and one of 3,500 in the Health Mart national pharmacy chain, has fully installed the iBeacon system in the store.
The airline is also testing iBeacon with its Upper Class passengers at Heathrow, a new low-powered Bluetooth transmitter that can notify nearby iOS Apple devices of nearby services, discounts and updates on their flight boarding schedules.
It is thought that iBeacon proximity technology (And the Android equivalent) with a mobile app would be one potential solution offering appropriate coverage/student interface, however UWE is open to any proposal offering a solution to our requirement.
Our iBeacon project, begun in 2015, reaches out to them on their devices.