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Figure 9 shows areas of ice fog superimposed on the Channel 4 (T4) thermal image of the area.
The considerable temperature difference at the ocean-atmosphere interface during March and April produces a high incidence of ice fog in the vicinity of leads and open water in the NOW.
Ice fog forecasting is usually very difficult (Gultepe et al.
Earlier studies were limited in their understanding of microphysics of ice fog and light snow conditions (defined as precipitation rate <0.
The size of ice fog particles is usually less than 200 [micro]m and their fall speed is similar to fog droplets (Koenig 1971).
Many airborne sensors cannot measure ice fog particles with sizes less than 200 [micro]m accurately because of the issues of shattering and sensor optical sensitivity in high speed environments (Gultepe et al.
Detailed studies of ice fog and light snow using the Northern Aerosol Regional Climate Model by Girard and Blanchet (2001) suggested that ice fog and diamond dust (defined as light snow) can significantly affect the radiative budget in the Arctic.
The above studies suggested that measurement issues related to ice fog still exist and this complicates the development and validation of the ice fog microphysical parameterizations and its prediction using numerical forecasting models as well as the retrievals of ice fog microphysical properties from remote sensing platforms.
During the two months of the Fog Remote Sensing and Modeling-Ice Fog (FRAM-IF) project, horizontal visibility limitations of 0 to 10 km due to ice fog occurred 14 times over the Yellowknife International Airport, Northwest Territories (NWT), Canada.