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TO PACK. To deceive by false appearance; to counterfeit; to delude; as packing a jury. (q.v.) Bac. Ab. Juries, M; 12 Conn. R. 262.

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For the analysis of the warming rate of fluid in the bag, the temperature was measured for 120 minutes in three fluid bags wrapped in ice packs and three non-wrapped control bags (Figure 1).
48 meters thick, but the limited area covered prevents researchers from making estimates for the Southern Ocean ice pack as a whole.
Ice pack use (cryotherapy) has been widely acknowledged in the medical field.
Within a few weeks they were sold out, so I made more, and thus Prime Products and The Ice Pack Sack were born.
To continue with our thought experiment, let's suppose that we flew our helicopter south over the vast ice pack.
I had a huge bump on my head and had to keep an ice pack on it.
Unusually warm sea currents have caused the Polar Ice Pack to crack and flood
I took a cold shower & put a ice pack but still it got red color with smart.
Instead,he spent yesterday morning with his right shoulder bearing an ice pack.
I recommend that dancers bring at least one elastic ankle brace or knee brace along with an ice pack that activates by compression.
Bond was at first thought to be suffering from the heat but concern later grew for his back, which was placed in an ice pack.
A friend of mine tells the tale of requesting an ice pack from a nurse to cool his dangerously high fever, only to find out that the hospital had run out of ice.