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This is a feature of global human society so basic that it survived even the iciest depths of the Cold War; it is the very premise on which the possibility of seafaring is based.
It was at the height of Johannesburg's iciest winter in years that the fuse on the power keg of the land redistribution issue was ignited, ostensibly by South Africa's maverick Pan Africanist Party (PAC).
John Paul's will to unity seemed at times capable of melting even the iciest resistance.
SOME 40 YEARS AGO, WHEN THE SO-called cold war between the Soviet Bloc nations and the Western powers was at its iciest, the threat of global conflict and Soviet invasion induced some Americans to invent a xenophobic and cataclysmic slogan: The Russians are coming
Le livre dont on rend compte iciest aussi foisonnant que la documentation meme qu'il entreprend d'etudier et de mettre en ordre pour la premiere fois: celle constituee par ces milliers de petites pieces comptables (concernant principalement du betail) produits par la bureaucratie des rois d'Ur sur le site de Drehem.
This introduction marks the latest (and iciest cool) entry in the projected $300 million breath strip category.
Here are some tips for spending time outside more safely during the coldest, iciest months of the year.
Relations between Russia and the United States have become the iciest since the Cold War after Moscow annexed Ukraine's Crimean peninsula in March.
Figures released by the Met Office show April 2013 was the iciest April since 1989 for the UK as a whole with average temperatures of 6.
This was a year when the Cold War was at its iciest, so his next words echoed around what we then called the Free World.
On January 13 she chose the iciest day of the year to enter the world - giving her poor mum Adele Cann, 33, a labour from hell in the process.
A short-cut through to Kensington simply led straight into a twohour tailback, with my misery completed in New Islington, where I was held up for another two hours on the iciest of surfaces.