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Poyser had had her eyes fixed on her husband with cold severity during his silence, but now she turned away her head with a toss, looked icily at the opposite roof of the cow-shed, and spearing her knitting together with the loose pin, held it firmly between her clasped hands.
It seemed to him that the strength had gone out of his knees and hands, and that his feet had become icily slippery over the metal they trod upon.
?' He cut in icily, and with a grammar of pedantic literariness, 'To a young lady, Miss Dahl, and a charming young lady at that, nobody will deny the privilege of exaggeration.
The tree grows to enormous dimensions, the house melts away and we pass through the icily beautiful Land of Snow, with its athletic male winds and its imperious Snow Fairy (and a stunningly beautiful backdrop portraying the depths below the ice of a frozen lake) to the richly colourful Kingdom of the South, where the company danced with flawless precision, to Tchaikovsky's lyrical score - the Chinese, Russian and Arabian dances (where the sheer physical beauty of the latter held the audience in thrall).
lIKE many of the unsuspecting targets of Villanelle - Killing Eve's icily efficient hitwoman - I never saw it coming.
As the late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping, who lifted more people out of poverty than any other leader in humanity, icily told Lee: 'If I had only Shanghai, I too might be able to change Shanghai as quickly [as Singapore].
Lethargic direction and writing permeate the performances, begging us to question why anyone would choose to move to a town that stands still and glares icily at the changing times.
Swift, stylish, tough-minded and sharp-tongued, this engaging fact-based drama, about a woman who ran the richest poker game in the world, is worth recommending if only to see Jessica Chastain at the top of her nerviest, most icily self-controlled game.
To which Fran icily replies: "You weren't the best mother in the house."
Even as the net was closing on him, Leathem remained icily calm.
At times she was icily merciless, pointing out Labour had for years questioned what the Conservative Party had done for women.