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Second, in another way, these revivalists were committed to their own iconoclasm.
The second division of the book comprises three chapters, each of which serves as a case study on iconoclasm in different cultural environments.
When the icons were restored a second time in 843, the empress Theodora insisted on protecting her dynasty's reputation by concocting the fiction that her iconoclast husband Theophilus [829-842] had repented of iconoclasm on his deathbed (a story never mentioned by Brubaker).
It is almost as if the author wrote his study of the brain, decided to sell his idea, and then quickly wrote the book to make iconoclasm sound like a fun thing that you too can do.
in order to diseem what ideas, texts, and practices concerning images were established before the eruption of Byzantine iconoclasm in the eighth century.
Bertman did not disappoint those who expected iconoclasm, giving Dvorak's morality tale of the danger of pursuing dreams a darker than usual edge, turning the witch Jezibaba (in the powerful vocal presence of mezzo Irina Mishura) into a Mephistophelian schemer with little red horns and terrific legs.
This reveals an underlying connection between the concept of idolatry and the act of iconoclasm, in that both recognise a blurred boundary between artifice and life.
For all its genial iconoclasm, none of it would work if the choreography was not so inventive or the dancing so good.
Given the current state of research, I believe that a strong argument can be made for construing this historical legacy under the aspect of iconoclasm.
The iconoclasm consists in the aesthetic images' being 'too immediately sensory' as well as 'too much an invitation to detached, disinterested contemplation' (49).
Oddness and iconoclasm become hallmarks of their live shows and recordings, and their belief in the quality of the music is often so compelling that it convinces even the most sceptical listeners.