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While Latour's typology makes clear the questions around iconoclasm, it does not help take us very far in addressing these questions, nor can he give us much help in learning how to become the type of iconoclast he commends to us.
Oddly, Berns uses as his very first example an iconoclast who kills himself after a miserable failure in business.
For Mencken: The American Iconoclast is one of those long, expansive, "definitive" biographies that I deliberately set out not to write when I started work on my own book a decade and a half ago.
The famous writer, notoriously known for his iconoclast atheist stance and philosophy of deconstruction, delivered a two hour-long speech
He is an avowed iconoclast, and even makes a sparkling wine from syrah grapes.
Modern dance iconoclast Sybil Shearer died of a stroke last November in Evanston, Illinois.
Biographer and confidant of the first Christian emperor Constantine, he was an active player at the Council of Nicaea, though his tolerant approach to Arianism and iconoclast sentiments marred his reputation in Byzantium where (787) the Second Council of Nicaea branded him heretical.
A woman in her 40s, a traveler, writer, and occasional iconoclast, Melita writes about midlife relationships, concerns about parenting, and the changing meaning of freedom as life experiences accumulate.
In Crisis, the iconoclast Cruse issued a call for black independence on three fronts--economic, political and cultural.
The Best Actor spot was an even more eclectic group, with 32 aout's nuanced actor Alexis Martin, Les Boys II's funny man Marc Messier, iconoclast Jean Pierre Lefebvre's little-seen film Aujourd'hui ou jamais's veteran actor Marcel Sabourin, and 2 secondes's stubborn Italian Dino Tavarone.
This volume in Longman's Studies in Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Literature begins with a reminder that in her time Elizabeth Barrett Browning 'was considered a shocking poet, a risk-taker, an innovator, a rebel, an iconoclast even'.
Performing today are Intermajic,Richie David from the band Plastecine, and a rare acoustic set by local favourites Iconoclast.