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In chapter two, Rambelli demonstrates that the scope of iconoclastic actions in Japan differed immensely according to the eras during which they occurred.
Iconoclastic rapper Sage Francis is angry--at himself, at hip-hop, at the world--and isn't about to hold his tongue.
The abuse heaped on him by Porphyry's Against the Christians implies success, while a passage prefiguring iconoclastic sentiment upset iconodules *.
Interestingly, he argues that controversy over Scripture's authority today is comparable to the iconoclastic controversy more than 1,000 years ago.
Almost 50 years later, Clarke, now 69, a Canadian citizen and renowned writer, speaks to large crowds in major cities in the world, not about political causes but about his iconoclastic, award-winning new novel, The Polished Hoe (Amistad Press, June 2003, $24.
At Harvard, Ackernaan's mentor and thesis advisor had been Gene Sharp, an iconoclastic thinker and author of The Politics of Non-Violent Action.
Skating was an outcast activity and it was becoming increasingly connected to the even more subversive and iconoclastic punk rock movement, particularly the brutally fast American offshoot of punk called hardcore.
Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals overturning the Cold War era addition of the words under God has been mistakenly viewed by many, and opportunistically promoted by others, as iconoclastic and unpatriotic.
Among the scienziati enlisted by Prince Federico Cesi into his Accademia dei Lincei surely one of the most prolific and iconoclastic was the Neapolitan polymath Giovan Battista della Porta.
Andre Turpin's acclaimed sophomore effort and multi-Prix Jutra Award-winner Un crabe dans la tete; Catherine Martin's stark and beautiful first feature Mariages; Denis Chouinard's complex immigration drama and award-winning debut feature L'Ange de goudron; ever iconoclastic experimental documentary filmmaker Donigan Cumming's gripping and disturbing My Dinner with Weegee; political activist and veteran director Pierre Falardeau's surprisingly nuanced patriot drama 15 fevrier 1839; photographer and music video director Lyne Charlebois's brilliant first short fiction Quel jour etait-ce?
Every one is fitted into Darwish's own expansive, individual, and iconoclastic universe, but a general feeling of unease and loss pervades.
50 per issue, $9 per year), a new zine coming out of Buffalo, New York, joins the iconoclastic tradition.