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For example, the probability of developing icteric hepatitis that does not require hospitalization and is fully resolved for strategy 3 (no vaccine) is the product of (1) the probability of needing dialysis in three years (.
Hepatitis B infection fails to resolve and progresses to a chronic carrier state in 5 to 10% of older children and adults and in up to 90% of infants; chronic infection also occurs more frequently after initial anicteric hepatitis B than after initial icteric disease.
The data of 2 specimens that were lipemic or icteric were excluded because the repeat test run was performed after plasma replacement.
This method eliminates interference from lipemic, icteric, or other optically turbid samples or reagents.
Although this patient was not transfusion-dependent, she did present with thalassemia fa cies, marked pallor, icteric sclera, mild hepatosplenomegaly, and failure to thrive since childhood.
A), chest, abdomen, and extremities, without icteric sclerae or mucous membranes.
These cases could not be distinguished from hepatitis C cases based on incubation period, but they tended to be clinically milder; none were icteric compared to 30% of HCV cases and the mean peak ALT was half that of HCV infections (302 U/L vs.
On examination he looked dehydrated and cachectic, and his sclerae were mildly icteric.
We evaluated the effects oflipemia, hemolysis, and icterus by analyzing pools of normal serum and lipemic, hemolysed, and icteric samples as is and mixed 1:1; we compared the observed concentrations with concentrations measured in the individual samples.
Her conjunctivae were icteric, she had a palpable spleen tip, and her liver was palpable 3 cm below the costal margin.
Among them, 23 cases were icteric, 22 had fever and all of the children complained of anorexia and malaise.