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They now set out on their icy turnpike, and got on well enough, excepting that now and then a horse would sidle out of the track, and immediately sink up to the neck.
Lastly, some missionaries attempting to penetrate a long arm of the sea, would behold the not lofty surrounding mountains, sending down their many grand icy streams to the sea-coast, and their progress in the boats would be checked by the innumerable floating icebergs, some small and some great; and this would have occurred on our twenty- second of June, and where the Lake of Geneva is now spread out!
The old King, surrounded by the happy Fairies, sat in Violet's lovely home, and watched his icy castle melt away beneath the bright sunlight; while his Spirits, cold and gloomy no longer, danced with the Elves, and waited on their King with loving eagerness.
The limit of this evil time had arrived only when, on the dawn of a winter's morning, Peter Quint was found, by a laborer going to early work, stone dead on the road from the village: a catastrophe explained-- superficially at least--by a visible wound to his head; such a wound as might have been produced--and as, on the final evidence, HAD been-- by a fatal slip, in the dark and after leaving the public house, on the steepish icy slope, a wrong path altogether, at the bottom of which he lay.
Its icy slope, scored by innumerable runners, looked like a mirror scratched by travellers at an inn.
They strained their eyes at each other through the icy darkness.
During the mission, the spacecraft will conduct an in-depth exploration of Europa, investigating whether the icy moon could harbour conditions suitable for life.
The JYP Entertainment ensemble announced on their social media that their first mini-album 'IT'Z ICY' is scheduled to drop on July 29.
Aside from Planet Mars, LEMUR is also seen to help scientists explore other icy regions of the Solar System.
There is the possibility of injuries from slips and falls on icy surfaces, with icy patches expected on some untreated roads, pavements and cycle paths.
The westbound lanes of Ogden between Washington and Mill streets are icy because of a water main that broke at 4 a.m.
The AA-Populus poll, which surveyed over 18,500 drivers, found that although this winter has already seen snow and temperatures drop below -10C, less than a fifth of drivers' biggest concern is sliding on icy or snowcovered roads.