idea conveyed

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It was precisely the wide acceptance of the significance of the Russian Revolution that made its revolutionary aesthetic a potent political tool, which is the principal idea conveyed by the protesting and globalizing sections of the exhibit.
In fact, an idea conveyed with humour can be considered funny and also intriguing, while without humour the same idea could be simply considered too strange.
The artist's work could be seen by some viewers as an ode to transcendentalism, an idea conveyed by the man's right foot stepping into void.
Actually, this is the idea conveyed by the powers as they prefer not to take sports journalism seriously merely because they are afraid of us.
The idea conveyed by the two questions is essentially the same, but the wording--"wider choice," "government helping"--is more positive than the wording in the "unfriendly" question.
At least that was the idea conveyed at ABTA 2007, the 15th annual conference and exhibition dedicated to the Latin American pay-TV, electronic media and digital services market, held last August in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Contrary to the idea conveyed by Nestor, the French had no monopoly on sensitivity.
Is the value of this article a "thing" like the computer that was used to write it, or is it an idea conveyed by a "thing," such as words on the page of a book?