ideal justice

See: equity, justice
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A: According to my experience, it is simply impossible to have ideal peace or ideal justice in this world.
It is because I am not hankering after ideal justice.
Because I was not agitated, demanding ideal justice and protesting against this and that, and because I was content with workable justice, I was able to discover these opportunities and avail of them.
When I know that only workable justice is possible in this world, why should I demand or expect ideal justice and complain that it doesn't exist?
The fact, however, is that ideal justice is simply impossible in this world.
And that they are chief justices of their own court, seeking to rationalize complicated issues in order to conform to a personal mindset of what is ideal justice.
While this may not seem ideal justice, in a deeply conservative and patriarchal society like Afghanistan where rape and prostitution are taboo subjects, such incidents are certainly a leap forward.
64), they move on to treat the safeguards of due process as potentially disposable elements of ideal justice, and suggest that they be relaxed in order to increase deterrence.
The US should know by now that a deal is not meant as ideal justice but a practical political solution to a problem also concerning American national security.
Thus the inside teaching is that extremism, the attempt to institute ideal justice on earth, will end in disastrous injustice, for this city is extremely coercive.
Ideal justice A mathematical analysis suggested that the current U.
Bush has named Scalia as a model for the ideal justice.