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Leading scholars trace and explore the unifying themes of German Idealism and discuss its relationship to Romanticism, the Enlightenment, and the culture of eighteenth-and nineteenth-century Europe.
The eighteenth-century German physicist, philosopher, and aphorist Georg Christoph Lichtenberg (1742-99) is well known for his objection to the substantial view of the self, but his thoughts on idealism and the relationship of his views to the positions of his philosophical predecessors are less familiar.
Thus Obama's multilateral idealism needs a shot of unilateral realism, and the realist opposition needs to better appreciate what multilateral idealism can and can't do.
The contributors of these sixteen essays take on the recognition of German idealism as an ongoing challenge, politically and socially, not only for the international community but for fellow Germans a well.
Today, the American policy debate about Egypt is once again driven by the clash between realism and idealism.
Italian neo-Idealism culminated in Croce's and Gentile's works, but many other great Italian philosophers contributed to the birth of Italian Idealism - Rosmini, Gioberti, and Vico, for instance.
Even when modern idealism did not accept the Rousseauistic premise of man's natural goodness, it assumed a sharp contrast between a diseased present and a future of radiant health.
Homan (2004) described the importance of idealism as it relates to our work in the following way:
A year ago the balance would have been tipped more toward idealism and model building and a year from now it would, in all likelihood, tip more toward model description and analysis.
The allure of the United States' idealism has long fascinated Canadians, as it has fascinated British, French, Chinese, and other nations around the globe.
IT WAS idealism pitted against reality and the debate had generous doses of spirituality and logic, precision and speculation, passion and practicality -- making it a comprehensive representation of the dilemmas that India's young minds face.
Paul Redding's Continental Idealism deserves praise for its many accomplishments, but one stands out: its insights in conceptual historiography.