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The most important step toward answering this puzzle is to attain the correct descriptive perspective in which to raise it, for the idealist does not see the world as others do, and therefore needs must choose a very different idiom in which to pose the problem.
A number of contemporary issues reveal the manner in which the realist/ idealist dialectic is at the core of many of today's most hotly contested debates around criminal justice issues.
This observation, based in philosophy and consistent with an idealist approach to reality, can only take the Christian so far.
The idealist approach to religion is also central to Timothy Sprigge's essay, which discusses the traditional theological problem of evil.
Ferguson, of course, by attempting to actualize a role he would prefer to play, interprets her concerns and the events themselves from the value set of an Idealist.
It is perhaps more useful to think in terms of Jeffersonian, Jacksonian, Hamiltonian, or Wilsonian foreign policies, than the realist versus idealist model.
The greater part of Ibsen and the Birth of Modernism is a cultural history of idealism from the time of Friedrich Schiller, who most influentially set the idealist agenda, to the decisions of the Nobel Prize Committee at the turn of the twentieth century.
Many years ago, I was told an aphorism that supposedly came from Winston Churchill that said substantially the following: "Those who aren't idealists at twenty and realists at forty haven't fully lived".
Idealist was not seen out again until finishing third in a Listed event at Bremen three weeks ago.
Bill Nicholson's artistic side that won the Double in 1961, idealist and captain Danny Blanchflower stating, 'Football's not about results and winning, it's about glory'.
Strathairn's Murrow is a man willing to make compromises, signing loyalty oaths and interviewing Liberace and Mickey Rooney, but also enough of an idealist to inspire his colleagues and to believe his industry and nation are capable of more than Milton Berle or Joe McCarthy.