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All ends idealistically in Disney's alternate world of fantasy with Bambi's doe bearing his fawns and Bambi majestically overlooking his domain, inheriting the kingdom of his father.
Khalid Fayyad, the political expert from the Bahrain Institute for Political Development (BIPD), said that the upcoming parliamentary elections in the Kingdom constitute a key development under the challenges facing the whole region which puts the Bahraini democratic experience before a big challenge in order to complete its march smoothly, peacefully and idealistically for the benefit of the community.
Angle's classification that is reliable repeatable17 and idealistically oriented for a broad population study12 was used for checking sagittal occlusion.
Power is a heady wine: it can destroy the most decent of people who may start out idealistically but are gradually degraded by the habits of inevitable compromise.
Asrar Ahmed, who works at a leading bank in Doha, said that the cricket legend came across as someone who talked too idealistically and he wouldn't trust a man like him to become the next prime minister.
On her trip to the year 1348 at Tilgardesle (also known as Tilgarsley)--Oxfordshire village, located near a monastery, that was abandoned in the wake of the Black Death sometime prior to 1350-, FitzHaven manipulates the idealistically romantic and combative medieval historian and linguist Stone (just "Stone"), her husband of a sort--with loosely binding relationship contracts having apparently replaced marriage in the social mores of the 22nd century-, into accompanying her on her latest quest for a cure into the past, ostensibly to serve as a guide and interpreter.
Any politician can speak idealistically, but it is quite hard to act faithfully to those principles.
All the other scenarios have been positive with some being extremely almost idealistically positive.
Idealistically speaking, time and space of kinetic prong against the NSAs should be determined by the public - only on their demand.
Smith starts in the 1930s, the 'low dishonest decade' in which Special Branch and MI5 increasingly took an interest in the various young, left-leaning British writers idealistically flirting with politics in their work and social lives.
Probing a weakened desire to hold on to an idealistically charged approach to American exceptionalism, Endler facilitates another rich exchange between leading public intellectuals, fitting these "thinkers" and their works together as a critical step in maintaining a debate that others have effectively trumped through accusations of "un-Americanism" on the part of several (i.
Combining poetic texts on the vicissitudes of love a somewhat idealistically, from initial exhilaration to painful conflict to profound resolution a the choreographic metaphors often lack subtlety.