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The notions of idealization and abstraction, and the inverse notions of de-idealization and concretization, are explained in rough terms as follows.
(40) Thanks to the systematic use of idealizations Galileo formulated his law of inertia, that is to say a highly idealized law that was paradoxical for Aristotelian physics; while according to Aristotle it was impossible to apply geometry to physics, Galileo, at the opposite, wrote that nature is written in the language of mathematics.
The problem, roughly, is this: asymptotic explanations appeal indispensably to idealizations, and so the proponent of the explanatory version of the indispensability argument may be forced to accept the unattractive conclusion that some idealizations are true.
Popper's views on scientific progress on one essential point: they ignore the fact, as we said previously, that scientific theories are idealizations.
What makes her brand so unique is that she embraces Egyptian fabrics and kaftan prints to create pieces that mesh somewhat Orientalist idealizations of style with modern silhouettes.
MacFaul argues that the dynamic nature of drama militates against static idealizations of friendship in the plays of Shakespeare and his contemporaries.
In the nineteenth century, her subject, the French Atlantic Bassin d'Arcachon--a collection of beaches, a set of high dunes, a large salt water marsh surrounding agricultural land, and its associated fishing community--became the object of utopian plans, romantic idealizations, economic profits, and government inquiries.
Her skillful watercolors pick through daily life and come up with an ethical, protofeminist viewpoint that registers the pain and hardship of the people; at the same time, her work avoids idealizations and doctrinaire political platforms.
It must avoid idealizations and demonizations, concern itself with more than just human self-interest, be effective in motivating people into action, and be free from the desire for control.
Its practitioners are expanding the expressive and theatrical potential of the form by incorporating other dance idioms, experimenting with narrative, or, like Belen Maya, eschewing traditional gender idealizations.
It can be particularly hard to talk finances with your loved one, Warren says, because "the greatest expectations and most idealizations have to be overcome." But, she notes, one of the important tasks a couple faces is "negotiating the relationship across differences"--including differences in income.
227).(1) In an article in this journal, Bradley Franks has argued that this cascade of explanation is blocked by various idealizations used in cognitive science.