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Lean/Just-in-time (JIT) practices strive for continuous material flow with minimal inventory, Ideally this assumes continuous flow through border crossings too.
Munro says ideally Science Works will become a stream of the Government of Canada's Innovation Strategy that is currently under development.
Ideally, the technology-only approach should retain the mathematical hash verification as part of the transaction metadata.
Fortunately, the former Probate Registry offices ideally matched these criteria.
Ideally guides such as The Metric Handbook, which this publication 'complements', should equally be revised without need for a separate Universal Design handbook.
Ideally, weighing and recording would be automated but, however they're accomplished, they are crucial to monitoring recoveries and monitoring total metal costs.
Ideally, physicians and other clinicians working in a health care organization will have access via their local area networks to high-speed (ISDN or DS-1) digital telephone connections to Internet service providers and the World Wide Web, with much faster data rates than they can obtain with modems over the plain, old telephone system (POTS).
Ideally, similar amounts of capital should be invested in a diversified selection of undervalued, blue-chip stocks like Wal-Mart, PepsiCo or Southwestern Energy.
Antenova's antenna products are ideally suited for an extensive range of applications, including GSM and CDMA, 3G, GPS, 802.
Ideally, we would like to operate the DMA in the region where the modulus is invariant to frequency, in this case 1.
The solution ideally is seamless and scalable, supporting continuous and unlimited growth and delivers very high availability and quality of service.
Ideally, the firm likes to maintain a 10- to 15-year age difference between principals to ensure consistency that comes from overlapping partnerships, and to maintain a necessary balance between experienced leadership and fresh perspective.