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Armed with this knowledge, school administrators, workplace supervisors, and law enforcement authorities can take steps to intervene prior to the commission of the ideated criminal act.
At KTG Buzz, she ideated and executed non-traditional marketing programs for U.
The brand was ideated and developed at IdeaBank, a division of the BeautyBank organization within The Estee Lauder Companies dedicated to new brand development, in conjunction with key colleagues from the Company in Asia and globally.
The multipurpose project has been ideated for both irrigation and power generation.
Zee Media Corporation Limited, as a responsible news channel, has ideated the story based on the said sting and also on the report filed by Justice Mudgal to the Honourable Supreme Court of India which was widely reported by various media organisations, including print media.
Each label, and OKeh is no exception, needs a good balance of established artists and newcomers to reflect what is happening in the world of music today," states Wulf Muller , who oversees A&R for OKeh Records and ideated the re-launch.
Moreover, she also conceives that the strategy and coordination should be assured at a higher level than it is traditionally ideated in the governmental programs on SME development.
He has provided digital strategy counsel for clients and has ideated groundbreaking research initiatives that deepen the understanding of consumer behavior and channel engagement.
Beyond creating new industry advancements, Marriott is shifting the process of how these innovations are ideated.
Yet another mobile phone innovation has been ideated by Sanjoe Jose of Emprenure Labs, Bangalore.
There will be many lessons to be learned from the kids' perspective as they share how they ideated, collaborated and created.