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It provides a base of Ideational Grammatical Metaphors (IGM) that proclaims meaning is a link between linguistic and extra-linguistic (contextual system) features (Halliday, 1973).
Halliday refers to the functions of language as metafunctions and proposes three general functions: the ideational, the interpersonal and the textual.
In the ideational perspective, colors represent certain cultures and social contexts; in the interpersonal field, they seek interaction with different types of readers; and in the textual perspective, they give coherence to the text.
On the Nile River, the construction of the Aswan High Dam demonstrates how an ideational symbol of water resource management is perceived.
The presence, or absence, of ideational change constitutes the intermediating factor between a crisis and the subsequent nature of policy change.
It is possible that, for Taiwanese children, perceptions of ideational behavior and divergent thinking are different from those of children in Western cultures.
Generally, academic scholarship has not actively examined the power of such ideational constructs and international relations in particular, and the social sciences, on a more general level, have largely ignored the role of religion (Fox and Sandler, 2004: 2-9).
This argument is elaborated by Mirowski and Plehwe (2009) and Mirowski (2013) through extensive ideational archeology, and a close analysis of the links between the many neoliberal think tanks and institutions.
Moreover, Obama claimed that the shift to a more materialist orientation in world affairs, by placing material and ideational threats side-by-side, would reinforce the idea of a shared human political destiny.
Those discourses, I argue, have been shaped by international ideational structures--ideas, norms, and particular interpretations of reality that occupy a hegemonic (in the Gramscian sense) position in the international society at a certain point.
Concurrently, changes at the conceptual level have brought the cultural, normative, and ideational components of power to the fore, making power more accessible to a larger pool of actors.
The ideational apex of the album can be deemed Prokofiev's celebrated Sonata No.