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The social constructivist fusion perspective, used in this article, provides researchers means and methods for empirical validation by including some concrete, measurable concepts into analysis: national elite's perception of the identities, interests and policies of own country and the EU, their fusion values, their foreign policy choices, and changes initiated by the EU structure on actors' ideas, identities, interests, EU-attitudes and behaviors by means of ideational socialization.
Their maintenance requires little work as they are simply part of the ideational backdrop against which societal action takes place.
Figure 5: Multimodal Elements--Framework for analysis Multimodal Elements--Framework for analysis Social and Cultural Context of production and consumption Social purpose, Genre & Text type Ideational Field (Subject Matter): Written Metafunction * Vocabulary and metaphor * Delivery (features of rhythm, intonation, accent, stress) * Modality (the nature of the producer's commitment to the message) * Transitivity (types of processes and participants in the clause and their circumstances) * Information Structure (clauses and sentences) * Cohesion (relations between clauses) Field (Subject Matter): Visual * Colour (e.
A 'contra-aesthetic aesthetic' could collapse into aesthetic idealism, though, if a non-traditional property in virtue of which an artwork is thought to be historically important is ideational rather than perceptual, i.
Using ideational aspects as explanatory factors for recent changes, Silja Hausermann and Daniel Kubler resort to the concept of frames in their analysis of the politics of family policy reform in Switzerland.
Responses were linked with data from the ideational change study to create multivariate models assessing the relationship between the ABC variables and congregation characteristics (e.
The ideational metafunction "serves for the expression of "content": that is, of the speaker's experience of the real world, including the inner world of his own consciousness" (Halliday 1970: 143).
44) These ideational changes occurred among elites who were key actors in the political stream.
To explain the dramatic family changes in Nepal, we build on the modes of social organization framework considering both the structural and ideational aspects and their potential influence for individuals and families (Thornton and Fricke 1987; Thornton and Lin 1994).
But Proust is not Sterne; and Lockean ideational atomism was only a pretext for Sterne's meanderings.
Recall that Paul's theology of the body of Christ is also about the importance of the whole physical individual body for the Christian, not just the ideational "corporate" body of the church; its shadow side is its implicit hierarchical ordering--which itself comes out in this postmodern secular monasticism that we are here on the verge of.
Modernity, which has secularism at its ideational core, and premodern romantic nationalism, with its theocratic underpinnings, have become the intersection of Israel's political life.