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These two issues are Jeanne's idee fixe about making southwest France a Protestant homeland, and her role as a militant leader of the Calvinist cause in the last years of her life, especially during the third religious war of 1568-1570.
These revisions also encompass the statement of the idee fixe in Un bal, an alteration noted in both collected editions of Berlioz's works and discussed in an article by D.
Unfortunately Scull is possessed of an idee fixe, and hence ignores or disregards all evidence to the contrary.
The horror vacui that pervades these veritable walls, freestanding pieces, and chambers emphasizes their psychological edge, as if motivated by an idee fixe similar to that which can drive art by amateurs or the self-taught--say, Simon Rodia's Watts Towers, 1921-55, or James Hampton's Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations' Millennium General Assembly, ca.
But while this book has value in reminding Shakespeareans of largely ignored influences on Shakespeare's works exerted by two monumental figures in philosophic history, it also displays the shortcomings of an idee fixe.
Or in the Gigue of the B-minor Suite, the corta rhythmic pattern (an eighth note followed by two sixteenths) presented casually in the A section grows in importance in the B section until it eventually dominates the music, much in the manner of a rhythmic idee fixe that can't be shaken.
Immendorff's preoccupation with the politics of space is a kind of idee fixe, traceable from his late-'60s maps and plans for a utopian community; to his paintings of a mythical cabaret on the border between East and West Germany (the "Cafe Deutschland" series, 1978-82); and, finally, to this bright red mini-city.
For the 1855 revival at Weimar, which supplies the text for the present edition, the idee fixe is also appended as a coda to the final Tempest music, once more with appropriate remarks from the Artist.