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The men opted for swish black suits, with white shirts, red bow ties and black baseball caps, while the brides chose identical white off the shoulder lace gowns.
Scientists have not managed to calculate the chances of a mother having identical triplets.
The odds of naturally conceived, identical triplets are estimated at up to one in 200 million.
Ms Atha said it was an added bonus to find out that, despite everything they had always been told by their mother, they were genetically identical, meaning her sister does not need to take a cocktail of drugs to stop her body rejecting the new organ.
In terms of their environments, identical and non-identical twins get pretty much the same experiences.
Identical twins share the same DNA but have different fingertips because even in the space of the womb, the foetuses have contact with different parts of the environment, which results in skin variations.
When identical twin sisters Darlene and Diane Nettemeier went to a twins' festival in Twinsburg, Ohio, one man stood out by himself amongst the sea of twins the Daily Mail reported.
We will change this rule, so that four identical squares can join any way.
These differing chemical tags may help explain why identical twins look slightly different, have their own personalities and may have different susceptibility to diseases.
It found that 1,302 parents had been told whether their twins were identical based on whether there were one or two placentas visible during antenatal scans.
You've just spotted Ellie, Georgie, Jessica and Holly - the UK's only identical quadruplets.
You've just clapped eyes on Ellie, Georgie, Jessica and Holly, above, - the UK's only identical quadruplets.