identical in size

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Summary: A rocky planet virtually identical in size to the Earth has been discovered orbiting a distant Sun-like star.
Realistically, almost every seller wants to find a replacement property that is identical in size (and debt structure) to the relinquished property.
That historic show, which put Klein on the international map, is best remembered because all of the works there were priced differently, although they were identical in size, proportion, hue, and value.
This show of ten ultramarine monochromes, virtually identical in size (roughly 30 by 22 inches) and in their lightly textured facture (made with a housepainter's roller), was a sensuous, literal, explicit challenge to the ideology of art informel painting.
This idea of order that contains disorder, or of a discrete structure generated by chaos, is associated with the impossibility of distinguishing one element from another, all elements being identical in size and color.