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On film, identical twins offer a tangible externalisation of that first misapprehension of self, in fact, twins have long been a powerful device for exploring disquieting generic tropes, from the body horror of Dead Ringers (David Cronenberg, 1988) to the psychological horror of Goodnight Mommy (Severin Fiala & Veronika Franz, 2014).
IDENTICAL twin authors Coralie Phillips and Donna Roach are delighted whenever they come across another pair of twins with the same interests, hobbies or career as each other.
Prematurity and birth complications were found to be more common in identical twins, and could also affect their higher rates of language delay, said Rice.
The clever science is to see whether identical twins are more similar than non-identical twins in their food preferences.
10 December 2013 - French Eurofins Scientific (EPA:ERF), a provider of bio-analytical testing services, said Tuesday it had developed a test that detects genetic differences between identical twins.
The first successful organ transplant was between identical twins in Boston in 1954 and involved a kidney.
IDENTICAL twins Marjorie Gilbert and Winifred Witt have celebrated their 100th birthday.
IDENTICAL twins have appeared in court charged with raping a teenage girl - even though police cannot prove which one carried out the alleged attack.
Identical twins share the same DNA but have different fingertips because even in the space of the womb, the foetuses have contact with different parts of the environment, which results in skin variations.
It is commonly believed that identical twins share one placenta, even though evidence suggests 25% to 30% of identical twins have two placentas.
Tufts Medical Center scientists recently published their investigation of identical twins from the U.
Predisposition is an important factor, but a traumatic event remains the necessary trigger in the development of posttraumatic stress disorder, a new study of identical twins indicates.