identical value

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Colgate-Palmolive ranked second with a value share of 13% mainly as a result of the popularity of its Ajax brand, which was the leading brand within surface care in Macedonia with an identical value share in 2015.
For example, mathematical equality indicates that A = B means that A and B are nonidentical expressions that are an identical value.
69 mg/kg in which the minimum and identical value was obtained in B1 and B8 (21.
A number of alternatives represent almost identical value, but a slight preference is entertained here for backing fewer than 11 corners at evens with Bet365 or Betfred.
The coalition will seek to iron out a gap over a proposal to allow banks and non-financial businesses to swap cross-held shares of identical value, sparing them the need to unload the shares through the market, they said.
In truth, both the fixed-odds and the spread alternatives represent almost identical value for money.
Both RevUnit and Teamwork have shared passions and nearly identical values, even though the companies were founded in different parts of the country.
Justine Vogel, RiverWoods' CEO, said that, the two communities "share identical values and mission.
The watt balance and atom-counting techniques now give nearly identical values of Planck's constant, with an uncertainty of less than 20 parts in a billion, says metrologist Ian Robinson of the National Physical Laboratory in Teddington, England.
FCC enjoyed "the same culture, the same language and practically identical values," he said.
Extremism," Boutros-Ghali, the chairman of the National Council for Human Rights, criticized "the unfortunate failure on the part of religious leaders to emphasize the nearly identical values of mutual respect and human dignity in Islam and Christianity.