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Engels, namely the relation between material and mind, a new perspective was also offered from the concepts of self-organizational emergence and adaptive evolution in Systems Science in the discussions of the identicalness of mind and body, the super-venience of mind on body and dualism of mind and body.
From it derives the existence of everything as beings, what they have in common and what differentiates them, their identicalness and differences, their similarities and dissimilarities, their sharing of opposites....
The difference of Camus's discourse appears, first, in his speech, which is indifferent, as if unconcerned, and second, in the emphasis on the identicalness and homogeneousness of all events.
(121) Pecola's and Claudia's preoccupation with maternity may be attributed to gender role identification, which, as outlined above, shapes the selfhood of girls who are raised "in families where women, who have a greater sense of sameness with daughters than sons, perform primary parenting functions." (122) In addition to their acquired sense of identicalness with their mothers, the girls of Morrison's fiction are introduced to the concept of maternity by more active ideological agents and apparatuses.
The phrase has entered everyday English to denote a somewhat unthinking identicalness between two persons, actions, or concepts.
[15.] However, natural genetic twins, unlike clones, are not produced with the intention of achieving genetic identicalness.
Yet, based on LAW as referent, one might suggest that the identicalness in nature of some generally recognized laws amongst divergent nations indicates a conglomeration of supranational "LAW" - not supranational laws, but "supranational" and "the LAW" -, in other words, a grouping of ideals which can be correctly referred to as "the LAW", in so far as they relate to the wide agreement on a limited number of matters.