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n. the act of incorporating an organization. (See: corporation, incorporate)

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the process of forming an association that has corporate personality. See CORPORATION.
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INCORPORATION. This term is frequently confounded, particularly in the old books, with corporation. The distinction between them is this, that by incorporation is understood the act by which a corporation is created; by corporation is meant the body thus created. Vide Corporation.

INCORPORATION, civil law. The union of one domain to another.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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exchange-traded bonds of the State Company Russian Highways with Issue Identification Number 4B02-04-00011-T-002P;
'Our courts have marginally attended to this aspect of witness reliability before placing reliance on the identification evidence.
Pratt (1998) proposed that identification is either self-referential (i.e., occurring through affinity, whereby an individual recognizes that they are similar to what is expected for a certain collective or role) or self-defining (i.e., occurring through emulation, whereby an individual adjusts to become more similar to fit into a certain collective or role).
The illustrations so affirmed suggest that the identification parade, to inspire confidence, must be held at the earliest possible opportunity after the occurrence, since memories fade and visions get blurred with the passage of time.
The first is simply having a national identification system.
'The reform of the identification management system is a priority for the government in its sixth mandate because the system is the backbone of all public and private service provision systems,' he said.
Currently, there are 33 different forms of 'functional' identification cards issued by various government agencies, which according to the senator, may lead to 'duplication of efforts, wastage of resources, and uncoordinated identity approaches.'
"Let me be very clear about this: The information that will be included in the Phil-ID will not be any different from the information already in the possession of the Philippine Statistics Authority or the former NSO (National Statistics Office), GSIS (Government Service Insurance System), PhilHealth, Pag-IBIG Fund, COMELEC (Commission on Elections), and other agencies that gather personal data," Duterte said during the signing ceremony of the Philippine Identification System Act in Malacanan.
The opportunity for the jury to view the identification procedure in court may improve the jury's ability to assess how confident the witness is, perhaps by evaluating the witness's "facial expression, voice inflection, and body language." (26) However, "[s]ocial science research has shown that a witness's level of confidence in an identification is not a reliable predictor of the accuracy of the identification...." (27) This is especially true "where the level of confidence is inflated by its suggestiveness." (28) There are few identification procedures more suggestive than asking a witness whether the offender is in the courtroom, when the witness knows that the person sitting at defense counsel's table is the person charged with the crime.
The electronic identification certificate will be issued for a maximum term of five years.
exchange-traded bonds of the public joint-stock company Magnit with identification number of the issue 4B02-02-60525-P-001P;

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