identification mark

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According to Murtaza BS Zainee, president of Rawalpindi Dawoodi Bohra Jamaat, all saplings will have an identification mark, in the form of a number.
This information is kept on a database and if these items are stolen and recovered by police their owners can be traced as the identification mark shows up under ultra violet light.
It allows for up to 128 characters per identification mark, as well as barcode 39 printing capability.
It provides a suitably austere identification mark for the renovated castle and its new role in civic life.
One notable feature of the counterfeit bills is that they lack both the water mark and the rugged features on the identification mark, according to Saitama police.
Direct-part marking uses laser etching and dot peening to make an identification mark directly on an item's surface.
After the Decree has been enacted British beef will once again be allowed in the German shops, provided it is labelled with the name of the country of origin and bears the British identification mark "XEL", said the German Government in a press release.
If items marked by the liquid are stolen and recovered by police, their rightful owners can be quickly traced as the identification mark shows up under ultra violet light.
A police spokeswoman said: "Our crime prevention advice is that property should always be marked with an identification mark such as your postcode.
2 Manufacturer Should Emboss The Make Or Their Identification Mark On The Bolt Head Face With Material Property Grade.

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