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All his past was the VENUSBURG motif, while her he identified somehow with the PILGRIM'S CHORUS motif; and from the exalted state this elevated him to, he swept onward and upward into that vast shadow-realm of spirit-groping, where good and evil war eternally.
And so she felt that her outlook was very wide indeed, and that where his conflicted with hers marked his limitations; and she dreamed of helping him to see as she saw, of widening his horizon until it was identified with hers.
We had identified the unhappy woman whom I had met in the night-time with Anne Catherick--we had made some advance, at least, towards connecting the probably defective condition of the poor creature's intellect with the peculiarity of her being dressed all in white, and with the continuance, in her maturer years, of her childish gratitude towards Mrs.
We've had the bicycle identified, and we have a description of our man; so that's a long step on our journey.
It was identified at once by the manager of the Eagle Commercial as belonging to a man named Hargrave, who had taken a room there two days before.
A wholesome pride in many respects, since it identified honor with perfect integrity, thoroughness of work, and faithfulness to admitted rules; and society owes some worthy qualities in many of her members to mothers of the Dodson class, who made their butter and their fromenty well, and would have felt disgraced to make it otherwise.
EE/323/13 To be identified in relation to a theft at B&M Retail E8, on the 23.
We would urge people to have another look and see if they can get any more identified.
For example, if the instructor has identified ten specific goals for a writing course, he/she may then decide that only students who demonstrate proficiency on all ten goals will earn the grade of A.
Necessary adjustments include all identified general ledger entries that-either individually or in the aggregate--are significant or material to the financial statements, with the most necessary adjustments being those that would result in a material misstatement if they were not recorded.
Although an exception is provided for hedging transactions, it applies only to transactions that have been timely and properly identified for tax purposes.
As is well known by most tax practitioners, section 1031(a)(3)(A) provides that any property received by the taxpayer is treated as property that is not like-kind property if such property is not identified as property to be received in the exchange on or before the day that is 45 days after the date on which the taxpayer transfers the relinquished property (the so-called identification period), and the taxpayer must acquire the replacement property within 180 days of the date of transfer of the relinquished property (the so-called replacement period).

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