identified with

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So it was that she looked upon Martin Eden as a novelty, a strange individual, and she identified with novelty and strangeness the effects he produced upon her.
And so she felt that her outlook was very wide indeed, and that where his conflicted with hers marked his limitations; and she dreamed of helping him to see as she saw, of widening his horizon until it was identified with hers.
It had returned to her sanctified in her eyes; made precious as material things sometimes are by being forever identified with a significant moment of one's existence.
Two months had come and gone before the convalescent in the Sacramento hospital was identified with Kirkman, the absconding San Francisco clerk; even then, there must elapse nearly a fortnight more till the perfect stranger could be hunted up, the portmanteau recovered, and John's letter carried at length to its destination, the seal still unbroken, the inclosure still intact.
Those that have mental causes and physical effects might perhaps be identified with what we call voluntary movements; but they do not concern us at present.
1) Hume, who gives the names "impressions" and "ideas" to what may, for present purposes, be identified with our "sensations" and "images," speaks of impressions as "those perceptions which enter with most force and violence" while he defines ideas as "the faint images of these (i.
Their interests were thus, to some extent, identified with those of the company.
In the subcluster analysis that used the [less than or equal to] 25% cluster size, both subclusters identified with confirmed cases only were found to be statistically significant (p<0.
The scientists have yet to compare the mRNAs they've identified with those isolated by the other groups.
So I am still blown away whenever people, mostly "straight-identified," come out of the theater and tell me that they identified with Brandon, that they loved him, that they felt they were inside his character or inside his love affair with Lana.
This protocol will be used for all sampled residents identified with malnutrition, unintended weight loss, mechanically altered diet, pressure sores/ulcers and hydration concerns.
Conversely, compounds identified with N,E or N,B were not detected in that sample by either method of analysis.