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Until the IAC for CAGE is determined, entities required to provide a UID cannot use CAGE as the enterprise identifier component of the UID.
National (both federal and private) resources for implementing and maintaining standards, like the national provider identifier, will be needed.
It is vitally important that we figure out ways to track the epidemic, and unique identifiers seem a logical way to do that.
This phase of the algorithm terminates when a node receives a packet containing its own identifier.
Hedgehog Identifier does not require any change to the underlying applications or DBMS, and therefore speeds deployment and saves significant development costs.
The Financial Instrument Global Identifier (FIGI) is an open data standard for identifying financial instruments across all global asset classes.
A unique identifier is no good unless you've trained everyone how to use it.
diagnosis, billing), unique health identifiers (for providers, plans, and patients), security provisions, and electronic signatures.
Use of a standard identifier system will improve accuracy and operational efficiency in the market.
A total of 1,111 new municipal bond identifier requests were made over the course of the month, a 20% increase over September.