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"Our new Strobe for DB2 DDF support identifies dynamic and static SQL statements consuming significant CPU or with poor response time, so that users can quickly resolve performance problems.
It is of interest to the investigator in that it identifies those areas of the incident where further questioning and accident reconstruction need to be pursued.
11, 2001 - OGS survey identifies new targets for diamond and base-metal exploration in the Coral Rapids area, about 100 kilometres north of Smooth Rock Falls, with recovery of indicator minerals, including garnets and ilmenite, warranting further investigation for diamonds.
First, the physical examination identifies patients who are at risk for sleep apnea.
The report identifies the audit procedures completed and the findings.
The intent of this provision is that the facility identifies each resident at risk for accidents and/or falls, and adequately plans care and implements procedures to prevent accidents.
Once FinCEN obtains this information, it initiates an analysis of the information and identifies abnormalities by geographic locale or financial institution.
The center staff identifies this alliance as one of the center's greatest strengths.
However, while there exists a limited data base which identifies the prevalence/incidence of active suicide among persons with disabilities, health care professionals generally are of the opinion that suicide among this population by indirect means and through self-neglect is a significant issue which must be addressed.