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Strobe for Java identifies which Java methods are responsible for significant CPU consumption or causing delay within an application.
Process Heating Assessment and Survey Tool: Assesses energy use in furnaces and identifies ways to improve performance
The SVM identifies the most relevant information for discriminating among the given samples.
Cluster analysis identifies whether geographically grouped cases of disease can be explained by chance or are statistically significant (23,28); it detects true clusters of disease from cases grouped around population centers (29).
Therefore the gender that an individual identifies with doesn't always indicate any information regarding the sex of the individual's body.
11, 2001 - OGS lake survey in the Sioux Lookout-Bamaji Lake region of northwestern Ontario, 300 kilometres northwest of Thunder Bay, identifies 20 areas with potential for precious and base metals, enhanced levels of palladium, platinum, copper, and nickel found, with many areas open for claim staking.
Last week, at the Society of Neuroscience meeting in San Diego, James Eberwine of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and his colleagues described another antibody-based technique that identifies RNAs bound to FMRP.
The report identifies the audit procedures completed and the findings.