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There are scholastic agencies by which one may identify any man who has been in the profession.
Then it struck me that Turnbull was a terror to certain shady characters in the past, and that he had come down to identify and denounce one of them.
When old Mr Simon Stoke, latterly deceased, had made his fortune as an honest merchant (some said money-lender) in the North, he decided to settle as a county man in the South of England, out of hail of his business district; and in doing this he felt the necessity of recommencing with a name that would not too readily identify him with the smart tradesman of the past, and that would be less commonplace than the original bald stark words.
If the all three of us identify the lost Alexander, then must they return 'im.
It was annoying that the box which was thus attracting the undivided attention of masculine New York should be that in which his betrothed was seated between her mother and aunt; and for a moment he could not identify the lady in the Empire dress, nor imagine why her presence created such excitement among the initiated.
After this it required less courage to join the others in the inner room; and for some moments even I failed to identify the truly repulsive object about which I found them grouped.
Know you before all heaven and earth, that this is Andrew, and this is Gregory,--they look each other in the eye; they grasp each other's hand, to identify and signalize each other.
The herb is grown among them extensively; but, like the Zulus, they use it for snuff only, and quite failed to identify it in its new form.
As soon as Pierre Gringoire had seen how this whole affair was turning, and that there would decidedly be the rope, hanging, and other disagreeable things for the principal personages in this comedy, he had not cared to identify himself with the matter further.
The most practical way of getting at it, in my opinion, is to identify the dead man.
Whatever it was, it sufficed to win my heart, and to identify me with whatever was most romantic and most pathetic in it.
The blacks, sprawled about everywhere, but, conceiving it to be his duty to his Skipper, Jerry made it a point to identify each one.