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The AFDIL helped identify the remains of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, who was assassinated and buried in 1918.
For example, it may be helpful to identify key individuals on campus who will receive specialized training in assessment and who can then take that training and expertise back to their institutions to assist faculty from various programs in their own assessment efforts.
With increasingly tight SEC filing deadlines and section 404 requirements, many companies haven't recognized the importance of accelerating balance sheet account reconciliations in order to make them detective controls and to complete them in time to identify and correct errors before the company files SEC reports.
Character: If a taxpayer fails to identify a hedging transaction, the character of any gain or loss is determined without regard to the hedging rules.
It can be especially challenging for the counselor to help a camper identify his/her own inner resources when he/she has negative feelings about the situation the camper is in.
With a network of meters reporting to one or more energy-management workstations, corporate energy managers have the tools to identify and monitor energy requirements across the entire enterprise.
have a significant advantage over the PAN stain in that XRF units can be used to specifically identify arsenic vs.
She refused Brucella SAT, and her physician did not identify symptoms consistent with brucellosis.
Not only can these data sets differ by type but they can originate from different sources, (5) potentially giving law enforcement agencies both a more complete informational base from which to draw conclusions and the ability to identify related information in separate databases or investigations.
This model will be used to correlate compound activity with disease rescue in the zebrafish, and identify and evaluate novel treatments for the disease.
The 2002 Joint Center poll found 34% of African Americans between 18 and 25 identify themselves as Independents.