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Other researchers are working to identify patterns in the ways in which people click and scroll through Web sites.
Since 1991, the Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory (AFDIL) in Rockville, Md., has worked with the Central Identification Laboratory to identify the remains of missing service members.
Risk management helps identify when you are heading in a potentially wrong direction and helps you change direction so that you don't end up "where [you were] headed."
Indeed, a meaningful discussion of how to identify appropriate goals/outcomes for a program can be an immensely valuable part of the assessment process.
With increasingly tight SEC filing deadlines and section 404 requirements, many companies haven't recognized the importance of accelerating balance sheet account reconciliations in order to make them detective controls and to complete them in time to identify and correct errors before the company files SEC reports.
Character: If a taxpayer fails to identify a hedging transaction, the character of any gain or loss is determined without regard to the hedging rules.
Identify five to seven students who could benefit from group counseling.
Use the whistleblower process to help identify potential deficiencies.
"The earlier we identify students and begin speech therapy the better off they are in kindergarten," says Royals.
Automated reports can then help verify utility bills and identify errors.
One can no longer identify if the wood was part of a fence or other outdoor structure because the wood has been broken to smaller pieces and the green hue of the wood, in particular for wood treated at lower retention levels, is no longer visible.
These challenges can be overcome to a great extent through a combination of visual sorting and additional tools available to identify treated wood within the C&D waste stream.