identity comparison

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However, since all three generation variables are statistically significant in the dual/Chinese identity comparison being a younger generation respondent does increase the odds of having dual identity relative to Chinese identity.
Third, although the coefficients of the two education variables are statistically insignificant for the dual/Chinese identity comparison, both are significant for the Taiwanese/Chinese identity comparison and bear negative signs.
Unless identity foreclosure occurs, the confused person naturally moves into the second stage, Identity Comparison.
The Identity Comparison stage is marked by a tentative commitment to the homosexual self.
All but two of the women passed through the second stage, Identity Comparison.
This is characteristic of those moving through the second stage, Identity Comparison.
Interviewee responses indicate that the second stage, Identity Comparison, is more likely to occur if the lesbian first becomes aware of her same-gender attractions during their adolescence or teen years.
Some participants jumped from Stage 2, Identity Comparison, to beginning a process of accepting themselves that resembles the work of the fourth stage.
The task at this stage of identity comparison, according to Cass, is to deal with social alienation as the teen becomes aware of his or her difference from larger society, experiences a sense of not belonging and the isolation of perceiving himself or herself as an isolated case; that is, the only one "like this.