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She states that although the psychological and ideological planes are the most significant, they need to be structured and communicated through the phraseological and spatial-temporal (1981: 184).
The selection of possible meanings to be excluded or included is always ideological, and when it comes to Jesus movies, always a matter of controversy.
7] The purpose of the movement is not pragmatic, national politics; it is explicitly religious and ideological.
Chairman Islamic Ideological Council said the convict should be hanged inside the jail.
They alleged that so-called PTI ideological group was violating the party decisions from the day one as during the local body elections they did not ask anybody to poll vote for PTI candidates.
The working model of ideological and political education for college students in computer science major is showing in Figure 1.
They added that Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari assured them that all the decisions of party matter would be taken with the consultation of ideological workers but they were ignored in the 27 December and 5th February program.
Yet there was a shift in power balance altering the ideological power relations with other power organisations.
The Second World War can categorically be termed as the 'Hitler's ideological war' the Cold War may be considered as a conquest between liberal democracy and Marxism-Leninism and in the current decade the 'war on terrorism' can be considered as a war between 'extremist ideologies' and ideology of a nation-state.
David Brandenberger's study concentrates on Soviet propaganda in the 1930s, the period when Stalin's personality cult was established and dogmatic ideological control was asserted over all forms of communication.
The decision to attach an ideological label to a think tank when reporting a controversy," argues Dunham, "allows the reporter to frame one perspective as driven by an ideological/ partisan agenda rather than the conclusion of a neutral or disinterested study.