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By acknowledging that political contestation and mobilisation processes in the state of Egypt, or any other state for that matter, cannot be reduced to only ideological dimensions.
It is not the core ideological deficit but the lack of regional leadership to carry out our programmes," Singh told MAIL TODAY .
Suppose you are reading or listening to an economist, and he discloses his own ideological proclivities.
The 2012 primary season features a host of highly contested legislative races involving competing ideological and interest groups within the Texas Republican Party.
And to think that the man used to send me e-mail advice on how to combat ideological attacks--from liberals
Russia has complained vehemently about what it says is a growing US military presence near its borders, but Mr Medvedev said last night that the Cold War was based on ideological differences between the Soviet Union and the Nato nations.
Links to the full text of the hand-picked pieces are color-coded according to the publication or author's ideological leaning--left, right, center or beyond.
But, like most polemicists, Davies over-eggs the pudding by excluding (for his own ideological reasons?
lt;/pre> <p>When the war ended in 1988 without victory for Iraq or the "National Liberation Army," the MEK leadership imposed yet another "ideological revolution" on its followers, this one involving forced mass divorces and torture of those suspected of espionage or ideological deviation.
Basualdo's central argument is that Tropicalia is not simply a historically or geographically specific cultural phenomenon but an intellectual strategy of establishing dialogue--a strategy sufficiently powerful and elastic, moreover, to warrant application to the challenges of multiculturalism and ideological difference we face today.
Appeasement - the surrender of democratic Czechoslovakia - just whetted Adolf Hitler's aggressive ideological and territorial appetites.