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Great nations before us went through horror and havoc, thanks to the ignorance of ideologists.
They are ideologists of totalitarian secularism who are fundamentally opposed to any kind of religion and religious practice.
Naji also uses theories formulated by Al Qaida ideologists such as Omar Mahmoud Abu Omar and Ubaid Al Qureshi in the 1990s.
In other words, the Tories want office because they believe they will be better managers, not better ideologists.
Any nation's army is its true guardian, for no institution can be more dependable during times of critical upheaval or disputes amongst ideologists and politicians.
When Birmingham's Labour ideologists begin to pontificate upon the possible options for grammar schools within their "control", then they have indeed jumped Downing Street's gun.
Think about it, for the first time under a democratic regime, ideologists are dictating terms with lawmakers
I raised a question at that meeting about the bitter reality that authorities in Bahrain seem pre-occupied with so-called human rights organisations which have become infiltrated by ideologists and destructive elements who do not hesitate to lie and fabricate stories.
Hopes for recovery or peaceful settlement are still too far away because of a struggle for power between liberals and fanatic ideologists.
We of the national Press are not politicians, or ideologists, but a camera of events taking place hour after hour, day after day, reporting to our readers and the world about what is unfolding here.
We should not victimise our peaceful people because of so-called human rights organisations, which are dominated by ideologists.
Furthermore, Bahrain's realities ought to be discussed IN BAHRAIN by non-political minded Bahrainis, not by ideologists.