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Shravanabelagola (Karnataka) [India] February 25 ( ANI ): Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Sunday said the ideology of Jainism can get rid of the ongoing violence in the world.
The Council of Islamic Ideology is a constitutional body established under article 228 of the constitution of Pakistan 1973.
Blaming Nawaz Sharif for bringing in Gen (retd) Pervez Musharraf, Zardari said, 'Even today the differences with the establishment are due to the dictatorial ideology of Sharif.
You should join the party because you believe in the program, in the ideology of the party, not just because of the President.
Thus, it explores public opinion on race in Cuba, particularly among Afro-Cubans to see how they have embraced the dominant nationalist ideology that eschews racial affirmation, as they continue to create spaces for Black consciousness that challenge this ideology.
While the psychological literature as a whole defines gender role ideology as beliefs about appropriate roles for men and women (McHugh & Frieze, 1997), studies that address Christianity and gender role ideology largely conflate biblical beliefs regarding gender with gender role ideology (Ali et al.
Most scholars who have studied American party ideologies have focused on party ideas about "economic redistribution" or how active the federal government should be in managing the economy--what spatial modelers often call the "first dimension" of political ideology.
The government had sent the bill for acceptance to the Council of Islamic Ideology, which is a constitutional body that advises the legislature whether or not a law is repugnant or in contradiction with the laws of the Holy Quran and the Sunnah.
They kept their ideology alive and remained fixed on their strategic interests and ideology.
The Wahabi ideology has converted a peace- loving religion such as Islam into one of conflict and extremism.
It seems the hegemonic Turkist ideology of the state is so pervasive in the country that it transcends all sorts of ideologies.
Therefore the ideology of a society is of enormous importance since it confuses the alienated groups and can create false consciousness.