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Illustrative examples of such idioms in Romanian are given below, with a translation into English, a gloss and a semantically equivalent English idiom, where available:
lajuyinIn Lere Adeyemi's Akuko Gagara, a new idiom, 'gbajue' is used to describe the fraudulent tendency of a town called 'Etanloku'.
The Idiom builds on over 150 years of pioneering attitudes and attention to detail in order to create both functional and inspiring customer environments.
In doing the analysis, we first present the idiom, then its literal meaning and finally its idiomatic meaning.
We are delighted to partner with IDIOM and bring a new DaaS product to market combining Trisotech and IDIOM technologies," says Trisotech CSO, George Barlow.
This type of analysis is very important as it helps demonstrate to which variety of modern English, British or American, this or that idiom belongs.
In translating idioms, which do not have the equivalent (or partly equivalent) idiomatic expressions in the TL, the arising problem refers not only to the way of conveying their proper meaning using the words of the target language, but is related to the loss of the metaphoric meaning of the translation idiom in the TL.
The meaning of an idiom is not a straightforward composition of the meaning of its parts (Katamba 1993).
Liu (2008) illustrates the application of this model for idiom learning.
Using watercolour, coloured pencil and gouache, each illustration is a literal representation of the idiom on the page.
The one and only Sam; a story explaining idioms for children with Asperger syndrome and other communication difficulties.
The findings also shed light on whether the brain tries to understand a familiar idiom literally before it understands it as a metaphor.