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THE use of idioms and phrases, sayings and quotations add lustre to any writing or conversation.
And now Idiom's story is set to continue despite young enterprise companies traditionally stopping trading at the conclusion of the programme.
After the treatment, N400 amplitude increased and was elicited by congruent idioms with same phonic and different shape and meaning and incongruent idioms with different phonic, shape, and meaning ( P < 0.05).
No wonder, the year's idiom portrays all the ups and downs of the year, highlighted by the candlelit protests of "progressive" citizens and Moon supporters to protest the Choi Soon-sil scandal, and also by the nation's impeachment of former President Park Geun-hye last December.
The highly informal, familiar tone of the idiom (a-si iesi din pepeni, lit.
by Oluyemisi Adebowale, Jongbo Oro by Dayo Akanmu and Ododo Eye by Oyebanji ?lajuyinIn Lere Adeyemi's Akuko Gagara, a new idiom, 'gbajue' is used to describe the fraudulent tendency of a town called 'Etanloku'.
"There's a huge need for performance space," said Glenn Hergenhahn-Zhao, the founder and artistic director of Idiom Theater.
As far as the new idiom is concerned, dialect expression is seen as a dialect variant of word present in the standard language and sometimes used consciously for entertainment.
"IDIOM has partnered with Trisotech to build the world's first fully-automated Decision-as-a-Service (DaaS) for DMN models that conform to OMG's Decision Model and Notation Standard (DMN)," says Mark Norton, CEO at IDIOM.
My answer is the domain of idioms or set communicative formulae, as they represent culture connotations, codes and symbols, describing the ideas of 'good' and 'bad' in every society [15;16].
Caption: Winners of the first idiom quiz are, from the left, Merlyn Tjiposa (2nd prize), Santania Gerber (5th prize), Hanri Silver (3rdprize), Kim Koorsen (GPS), Paul Wolff (4th prize) and Cindy Vermaak (1stprize).
Idioms in Salman Rushdie's novels; a phraseo-stylistic approach.