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The first three chapters introduce inclusive leadership and the idiosyncrasy credit model of leadership and place it in the context of classic and current leadership research.
Both pieces immerse Curran in singular style, but they lack the idiosyncrasy of his 1998 Each of Both, a piece with searching emotional themes that are not as well developed as those of Five, but which do point him in the right direction.
Schmelling allows for both readings, using his privileged position as semiofficial interloper (he also worked on some of the cleanup crews) to preserve the intimate details of another's private idiosyncrasy.
The work presented inside each introverted gallery is informed by mobility and cr oss-fertilization, by the interpenetration of infrastructure with the flow and idiosyncrasy of real life.
That's the Latin logistics idiosyncrasy that manufacturers, shippers and others in the industry hope to change.
Like It Is is no Beautiful Thing: Writer Robert Gray lacks Jonathan Harvey's wit and instinct for idiosyncrasy.