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It is observed that the investors are compensated for bearing risk, that is systematic or non-diversifiable because another risk named idiosyncratic risk can be eliminated through diversification of portfolios.
In this article, we explore the possibility that aggregate idiosyncratic risk confounds the time-series relation between aggregate liquidity and conditional equity premium.
For properties that rely on a particular occupier or sector to sustain their value, this could leave CMBS investors exposed to greater idiosyncratic risk following property disposals than was apparent in the initial portfolio, undermining the benefit of portfolio diversity.
The entrepreneur's idiosyncratic vision has two distinctive
There is considerable literature in financial studies presenting significantly evidence that the impact of changes in accounting variables such as firm's sales growth can affect a firm's [beta]-risk and idiosyncratic risk (2).
(2) We assume that idiosyncratic labor income risk is correlated with asset return risk in our model.
Specifically, we examine the level of idiosyncratic risk for a sample of firms who have been rated on their corporate social responsibility [CSR].
"The Remarkable Life Of John Murray Spear: Agitator For The Spirit Land" by John Buescher (Chief of the Tibetan Broadcast Service of the Voice of America) is the biography of one of 19th century America's most idiosyncratic and radical religious figures whose flamboyant spiritualist proclivities led him to protest slavery and capital punishment, invent 'spirit machines', and perhaps most surprisingly--advocate 'free love'.
180 treatise attacking its idiosyncratic take on Christianity.
Essential for fans of this idiosyncratic talent and a highly palatable introduction for curious neophytes.
Dancers revel in idiosyncratic gestures, nuzzle into quiet transitions, shuttle about in space-devouring duets, and converge on each other in avalanches of partnered locomotion.
An excellent evocation of the grief and confusion that follows great loss as understood through the mind of a young child, Abyssinia is an idiosyncratic, almost poetic novel, told as a mixture of juvenile newspaper writing, fantasy play, and narrative by an unreliable narrator.