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I said we're a bit of idiotic in doing things, that does not mean you call name them idiots," Rao told CNN-IBN in an interview.
Since you can't take these idiotic elements off the road or stop commuting, you have to deal with them.
Well, I've mulled and, speaking as someone heavily involved with charities, all strapped for cash, I think it's an idiotic idea.
He added: "I wouldn't say it was the lowest point (of my career), but it was one of the most stupid, idiotic acts I have done.
But an idiotic few see the L-plate as their own licence to harass learners with actions that are cowardly, bullying and sometimes downright dangerous.
Once again taxpayers' cash is being frittered away on pop psychology and idiotic gimmicks.
Giuliani has the idiotic notion, voiced here in Seattle, that the war in Iraq will be "over" when it is ready to serve as a stable ally of Israel in confronting Iran.
But now we have congestion because of the idiotic bus lane and the channelling of cars into one lane close to the station from lower Westgate Road and Neville Street.
and Adam Goldberg, clearly hired for his ability to talk very fast so that the most idiotic exposition will zoom in one ear and out the other.
nurse wasn't fired for writing a letter to a newspaper calling for people to "forcefully remove" the Bush administration for its acts of "criminal negligence"; her idiotic supervisor was forced to make a personal apology (and apparently disciplined) for harassing her; therefore, 1984 is nigh.
Lust (excessive desire)--As if the odors and idiotic banter of the guys around you at the skatepark aren't clues, odds are females will never see your best moves.
From idiotic executives to volatile stars to rewrites that shred the intentions of the original script, Doing It For Money tell it like it is, and offers a wealth of tips, such as registering one's work with the Writers Guild of America as a hedge against plagiarism (both guild and non-guild members can do this for a small fee).