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Dhoni is in England to play cricket not to for MahaBharta , what an idiotic debate in Indian Media,a section of Indian media is so obsessed with War they should be sent to Syria, Afghanistan Or Rawanda as mercenaries....
If this is the case, then why on Earth would he do such a stupid and idiotic thing that will now make him famous for all the wrong reasons?
"An idiotic act like that - the guy that has done it needs to be punished severely and given the ultimate punishment he can possibly get - because that cannot happen on a football pitch.
"At a time when the UK high street is under unprecedented pressure, this is idiotic."
'Haaaaaaay, you idiotic photo takers breaking the rules at #WaitressMNL,' she expressed.
HEBBURN Town Football Club is working with Northumbria Police to identify supporters involved in "idiotic violence" that marred the Tynesiders' FA Vase win over City of Liverpool FC.
The President said he wanted Bautista to rationalize the "idiotic" structure in the NFA and ensure a stable supply of rice in the country.
Film director Terry Gilliam has been branded "idiotic" for comparing the #MeToo movement to "mob rule".
But to argue that Pierre is a role that only a black actor could play is more than idiotic; it's an assault on the very notion of history, and a call to replace its concrete specificities with the pieties of a steely ideology.
Atkinson accepts that his comment, broadcast across Dubai and the Middle East, was "idiotic, stupid and offensive."
Putting other lives at risk so you can take a selfie is idiotic.