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Is it really possible for the deputy head of the army of a state to call in officers working for an army of another state to search for possible bugs placed in his office by his colleagues, and for the president that appointed him, instead of sacking him, leaving him in his position by arguing idiotically that, in this way, unity will be preserved?
If you haven't heard Spoon and want a soft landing, I'd recommend starting with their idiotically titled 2007 album, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga.
Bitcoin, depending upon whose opinion you believe, is either the global currency of the future or, alternatively, the idiotically over-valued tulip bulb of the 21st Century.
NATIONALISE THE RAIL NETWORK COME on George and Dave, everyone wants this to happen - it's only your mates with vested business interests in the idiotically franchised system who are happy with the status quo.
Anyway, a few months ago, in a meeting, I idiotically said that I hadn't had a launch party for a while and that I'd quite like to have one for this book.
The confounded US President is idiotically showing his commitment to the humiliating terms in Syria and Egypt.
If, on the other hand, they idiotically weep at the slightest privation, their fate will be an altogether different one.
I hit him back and idiotically told him to take me to the [nearest] police station so he started to drive fast like a mad man.
But I've been idiotically misdirected a few times -- and the trouble is, you never know in advance.
A fully-clothed "streaker" held matters up by idiotically running onto the field after exactly 90 minutes, but could only delay the inevitable extra-time before Sessegnon ensured penalties were avoided.
But the resolution of its conflicting truths proves so bizarre and idiotically off-the-wall that it mitigates all that precedes it.
To get a sense of the sheer vanity and outright stupidity of these feudal sheikhdoms one only need to be reminded how they idiotically invested over a trillion dollars in toxic subprime mortgages and over-the-counter derivatives gone awry forever in the Credit Crisis of 2008 in the US alone.