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IDLENESS. The refusal or neglect to engage in any lawful employment, in order to gain a livelihood.
     2. The vagrant act of 17 G. II. c. 5, which, with some modifications, has been adopted, in perhaps most of the states, describes idle persons to be those who, not having wherewith to maintain themselves, live idle, without employment, and refuse to work for the usual and common, wages. These are punishable according to the different police regulations, with fine and imprisonment. In Pennsylvania, vagrancy is punished, on a conviction before a magistrate, with imprisonment for one mouth.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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But if the expense for idle capacity primarily includes charges for taxes, utilities, insurance, and fixed labor costs, then these cash outflows preclude the company from investing in other activities that would bring it future returns.
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Shin and Zhang conducted an extensive trace-based analysis of real WiFi networks to see how much time smartphones spend on idle listening.
Once you have it installed, System Silencer gives you several options you can toggle on or off when your system is idle, and you can even set individual idle times for each action.
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Denmark-based container shipping company Maersk Line, part of the group A P Moller - Maersk A/S (CPH: MAERSK B), accounts for 131,800 TEU of the idle capacity, while South Korean Hanjin Shipping (SEO: 700) stands for 103,300 TEU.
1, 2010, "personnel decisions will have to be worked out, and the steps that need to be taken to idle a plant will be taken," Rhodes said.
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The power-gating technology can shut off almost all components when a device is in idle mode, with the only active parts being the components necessary to activate the processor.
According to Eric Idle, who wrote the book and lyrics and co-wrote the music with John Du Prez, the tuner was written in "garages in Sylmar."
At this level of production, the company said it expected the mine to run the longwall mining system for two, rather than three, shifts per day, and to take short, irregularly scheduled, idle periods to match production output with customer shipping schedules, thereby minimizing a build-up of coal inventories.
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