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I didn't want to idle away my summer vacation," Khaled, who is a Tawjihi student, explained to The Star, "A friend's uncle, who owns a fruit and vegetable shop, offered me the job.
Restaurants and bars are scattered throughout the ship, while on a warmer day it was the colder side of Baltic for the christening several outdoor cocktail areas by generously-sized pools would make for a very pleasant way to idle away plying the waves.
You can easily idle away a week gently cruising the Lake on one of the many boat trips available, soaking up the stunning scenery and picturesque villas and palaces along its shore.
The phrase 'dick around' just means to idle away your time doing nothing.
It was very easy to idle away an afternoon or two just sitting in the shade of the terrace, drinking in the sights, smells, not to mention some of the local wine.
There are clean, sandy beaches that seem to stretch from sunrise to sunset and secluded coves where you can idle away the long, sunny days.
The ride is worth it for the reward of a drink at the village coffee shop where local men sit and idle away the hot hours.