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IDLENESS. The refusal or neglect to engage in any lawful employment, in order to gain a livelihood.
     2. The vagrant act of 17 G. II. c. 5, which, with some modifications, has been adopted, in perhaps most of the states, describes idle persons to be those who, not having wherewith to maintain themselves, live idle, without employment, and refuse to work for the usual and common, wages. These are punishable according to the different police regulations, with fine and imprisonment. In Pennsylvania, vagrancy is punished, on a conviction before a magistrate, with imprisonment for one mouth.

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The Governor said the effect of folding our hands to issues of idleness among youths and women far outweigh the minimal effort to support them to change society.
Any inclination towards idleness has been addressed by the application of a visor and she looks well up to winning what appears to be an average Group 3 for fillies.
Neuroscience research shows that idleness helps you be more creative and innovative.
And who'd be paying for all that idleness, all that lying around watching telly, eating crisps and drinking lager?
Across 7 Growth- stimulating (steroid) (8) 8 Ideal society (6) 11 Show similaritiesbetween (5) 12 Demand identification (9) 13 Wet spongy ground (3) 14 Thick part of the leg (5) 16 Distribute (5) 17 Place of worship (6) 19 Any one of two (6) 21 People from Gdansk or Poznan, eg (5) 22 Hebrew prophet and lawgiver (5) 24 Haulage vehicle (3) 25 Idleness (9) 27 Pay tribute to (5) 28 Experiment with (3,3) 29 Extra piece in a book (8) Down 1 Body part to pierce (3,4) 2 All--inclusive vacation (7,7) 3 Trumpet-like instrument (6) 4 CD, or Compact ____ (4) 5 Steadfast supporter (8) 6 In a dormant or hidden stage (6) 9 Forced--labour prison regime (5,9) 10 Over--hasty behaviour (8) 15 Heartless (8) 18 Cook speedily (6,2) 20 Provoke (7) 21 Pedestal (6) 23 Sound system, hi--fi (6) 26 Swirl round (4)
Indescribable -- except to mention the author's position as professor of religion at Columbia, and that it contains some of the finest prose and photography you'll find anywhere -- consequently, we will now commit the unpardonable sin of stealing a line from the publisher's press materials: "This timely meditation gives pause in the midst of harried lives and turns attention toward what we usually overlook: night, silence, touch, grace, ghosts, water, earth, stones, bones, idleness, infinity, slowness, and contentment.
Even religion condemns indiscriminate charity which only encourages idleness and a life of dependence.
I and many others say a vote for Labour is a vote for idleness and poverty, so it is hardly surprising that Mr Clark wants everyone to fund his public service pension.
The picture was staged by beef and sheep farmer Arwyn Roberts, who said the Welsh x Charollais ewe had been a victim of her own idleness.
One of the reasons I haven't done anything in the past 10 years, apart from sheer idleness, is I haven't really had a great idea" - Lyricist Tim Rice (pictured).
We have created a culture that encourages idleness (why work when you can live the life of luxury on benefit).
November 19, 2012 (BOR) - The Governor of Jonglei State, Kuol Manyang, threatened Monday to legislate against idleness in his state, after being told by women's groups that many men are not doing their fair share to food production.