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Metso's Energy Saving Idler (ESI) system, according to the company, can provide reductions of up to 35% in power consumption of long distance belts, besides increasing the service life of the equipment.
While obtaining the dependence of idler generation efficiency on the mutual mismatch of the states of polarization between the signal and the pumping radiation, it was decided to simplify the simulation model as much as possible to avoid impact of other factors on the obtained results.
The first lube point is behind the idler wheel on top of the idler arm.
We wanted to zero in on a particular window of time: a major health crisis," Idler said, "and we wanted to add the in-person element of patient interviews, in addition to the full record of their medical history and hospitalization.
Belts, tensioners and idler rollers rarely last the life of the vehicle.
By idler design it arises from the assumption, that idlers will be sequenced on the base plate in such a way that three will be on the one hand and three from opposite hand of the base plate.
Temco journal bearings and idler rollers are economical solutions for nonwoven web guiding applications where speed, lifespan, construction space, low moment of inertia, and load-carrying capacity are critical.
In an effort to rectify that fact, Rose presents the full text of two of the earliest defining popular representations of the flaneur: Louis Huart's Physiologie du flaneur (1841) and Albert Smith's The Natural History of the Idler upon Town (1848).
A slacker is not a true idler because he (1) is engaged in the project of avoiding work, and as long as that remains the case, work's dominion remains unchallenged.
Flaneurs & Idlers: Louis Huart, 'Physiologie du flaneur' (1841); Albert Smith, 'The Natural History of the Idler upon Town' (1848).
Three pre-engineered mounts from Webex simplify and speed dead shaft idler roll mount installation.
Then, the South African owner Jack Gerber and his trainer Paddy O'Gorman were double-handed with the heavily backed favourite, Idler, and the unconsidered 33-1 shot Epaulette.