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Because idling has long been considered an air quality issue, the enactment of such legislation occurs at the state level.
The company will also educate its employees and change morning start-up procedures to minimize the idling time of its bus fleet.
Idling actually increases overall engine wear by causing the car to operate for longer than necessary compared to frequent starts.
Several states limit acceptable idling times to anywhere from three to 15 minutes in a given hour.
When idling, as cars and buses do daily during pick-up and drop-off, vehicles produce the most problematic particles.
We have previously reported that idling buses are significantly associated with an increase in UFP concentration outside schools and result in outdoor to indoor movement of particles and elemental carbon (Hochstetler et al.
For example, FairPoint saw its total idling time drop more than 42 percent from the first four months of 2011 as compared to same months this year.
House Bill 2081 would allow a fine of up to $180 for truckers who leave their engines idling for more than five minutes.
In Massachusetts, all vehicles, at school or not, are normally prohibited from idling for over five minutes.
Drivers, idling times for your vehicles are just as important as for the Stryker.
Currently, NYC has a three-minute idling limit that targets all vehicles, with certain exceptions.
A new report by the nonprofit Environmental Defense Fund estimates that idling cars and trucks generate some 130,000 tons of the leading greenhouse gas carbon dioxide each year in New York City.