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In 2004, Cardinal McCarrick had already expressed his strong opposition to the two dozen bishops who felt they could no longer stand by idly when Catholic pro-abortion politicians challenged them by coming to Communion.
As a Jew, Rothschild should also know that it is against our precepts to stand idly by and be killed; one is obligated to defend oneself.
But the Congress that should put a stop to this abuse sits idly by except for a few members who occasionally grouse about increasingly imperial White House power.
WASHINGTON -- Casually conversing with a couple of writers an hour or so before Jae Seo was to take the mound against Washington on Sunday, Dodgers manager Grady Little idly remarked that it didn't seem like five full days had passed since the right-hander had last pitched.
Belgian colonialism forged the Hutu rage against the Tutsi by creating a caste society in which the Hutus were long oppressed, and American and European governments sat idly by as the genocide rolled on month after month in Rwanda.
Roberts' religion might affect his judging be off the table but now stands idly by while the administration sells Miers by highlighting where she goes to church.
Furthermore, gendered analyses of Victorian violence have largely focused on constructions of dutiful femininity that excused men's "disciplinary" violence and an all-male judiciary that stood idly by or even actively supported male household dominance.
Hirsh seems to ignore the fact that American power has also been a destabilizing force, whether arming both sides of the Iran/Iraq conflict, sitting idly by while Saddam gassed the Kurds or planned his Kuwaiti invasion, or showing up on the wrong side of any number of Central and South American conflicts.
Idly surfing the Web is one remove away from keeping a journal or trying your hand at creative writing.
Wonder idly what it would be like to holiday in the Galapagos Islands.
While other investors were selling or sitting idly on the sidelines, we were diligent in adding new stocks to our portfolio.
The most recent letter suggests that we are sitting idly by while our government is destroying individual rights much like Germans sat idly by in the 1920s.